Accountants for Restaurants.

The third-largest industry in the UK, the hospitality industry employs 2.9 million people and contributes £130 billion to the national economy.

Strong financing is essential because 70% of restaurants close their doors within five years of launching.

To guarantee you’re in the strongest financial position possible, our staff can advise you on an all-encompassing financial strategy, from initial investment to management and annual account. Our restaurant industry expertise can assist your businesses in developing and growing at any stage, whether you’re a start-up, Freelance Chef, or an established firm.

We represent small chains in addition to huge independent restaurants throughout the West End and Greater London. Some of London’s most renowned restaurants are among our clients.

Your regular financial needs, such as payroll services, tronc schemes, bookkeeping, audit, accountancy, and corporate tax, can be handled by our staff. Additionally, we are specialists in restaurant capital allowance claims and restructuring.

We will advise you on the appropriate market pay, maximizing company profitability and assisting with staff retention thanks to our access to a sizable salary/wage rate database.

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