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For many years, Dawer and Co. has provided accounting services to independent contractors and freelancers. We specialize in technology-driven accounting services that eliminate hassles and provide you with a professional accountant that has infinite assistance.

With decades of combined expertise, our expert contractor accountants don’t want accounting to be a time-consuming procedure filled with jargon that is hard to comprehend, exorbitant fees, and a personal accountant who is never available when you need them.

No matter what your needs are in terms of accounting, Dawer and Co. Do you intend to incorporate your own Limited Company? Do you want to maximize your tax efficiency, instead? Maybe you need IR35 guidance.

Since we are aware that every situation is different, we provide adaptable accounting solutions that we are always working to improve. Our specialized services include round-the-clock access to our online accounting tool, quarterly VAT return preparation and filing, self-assessment tax return preparation, help with HMRC record checks, and documentation for dividend and board meeting minutes.

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